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Everyone wants a perfect house. What you look for in a home, like any other product or service, is quality. That is, the housing must meet clear and concrete needs for you and your family use and enjoy it at its fullest and for a long time. These requirements can be summarized in four:

SECURITY: We need to feel that we are protected in our home in case of earthquakes, excessive winds, overflowing rivers and canals, storms, etc. Also, that we can occupy it without danger or risk of accidents.

ACCOMMODATION: We need to live in properly habitable spaces, ie, that are comfortable and adequate. For this, the house must satisfy two things:
- Give us a suitable environment with controlled temperature, humidity, air quality and light.
- Have spaces of sufficient size and functionally ordered, according to the habits and needs of the family. This is one of the requirements that most difference between living in the open air and live in a home.

DURABILITY: We need a house with minimal and appropriate maintenance, that will last for years without suffer any damage - durable, easy to clean and inexpensive to maintain -.
The durability depends on the quality of the materials (types and thicknesses) and how they have been used (technology and labor). Later, it also depends on the care and maintenance that you do. This is important for all the long-term economic effort that means to buy a home and because to keep it in good condition and making continuous repairs require money and work that is not considered initially.

AESTHETICS: Besides needing a house that meets the requirements described above, it is also important that we like our home, be beautiful, attractive and aesthetically pleasing. This criteria is subjective, as each person may have a different view point and is less relevant, but if safe as well as durable and nice, much better.

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